A downloadable Lub Siab Keeb Kwm for Windows

Lub Siab Keeb Kwm - The Heart is Mysterious

The story tells a tale about a young man who finds himself with the help of a mysterious girl who suddenly appeared (or more like fell) in his life. Sometimes it's hard to get back up when life gets tough, but all you need is a little push.

Install instructions

How to Download:

Skip step one if you already have winrar.

1. Download/Install Winrar
2. Download LSKK
3. click on the ".EXE" file
4. Play and Enjoy!


LSKK- The Heart is Mysterious.rar 310 MB


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Why there's no one played this!? Why no one rated!?
Come on! don't judge a book by its cover
This game is a masterpiece!